Quick And Easy Steps On Locating Wood Furniture For You

Understanding all you can about good quality wood furniture will, without a doubt, help you to save a lot of money down the road. Real estate and vehicles are important investments, but so is buying furniture. When you’re picking out your furniture, you don’t want to choose it just because of the way it looks. Read over our helpful guide to see some insider secrets and strategies before heading to the furniture store to make a purchase.

Wood veneer and solid wood are just a few common terms that salesman will often use in furniture stores. Understanding the differences between solid wood and wood veneer is essential when buying furniture. Solid wood means the piece’s exposed areas are mostly natural wood or planks. Wood veneer furniture is often particle board or plywood with wood glued on to the surface.

In nature, you will find more softwoods than hardwoods, even though the softwoods are not as durable as the hardwoods. To save money on your project you could always go with softwoods rather than particle board. The most popular softwoods for some applications are pine, spruce, and fir.

The important first step to working successfully with pine is sealing the wood. It can get a little messy because of pine’s tendency to ooze sticky sap. It ought to be easy to find pine wood by looking at renovation stores. You can carve and work with pine very easily because it’s very soft wood.

The highest quality furniture is made of hardwood because of its elegant appearance and durability. The Amish, for instance, prefer to use hardwoods to make their beautiful handcrafted pieces. Hardwoods grow slowly in the cool northern climate, producing a dense and durable wood that’s perfect for furniture.

The common red oak is probably the most popular of all hardwoods. It has a very traditional, coarse texture to it and, in addition to that, it’s durable and quite strong. Red oak furniture is typically meant for everyday use. The color of red oak varies from pale to yellow, but usually has a slight tinge of red running through it.

A tough, rigid, and long-lasting type of wood is white oak. White oak can be other colors as well, as it ranges from creamy white to pale grey; the texture is commonly medium-coarse to coarse. Used by Amish craftsmen, white oak is used to create unique furniture that’s made to last.

Ironically, soft maple is actually a hard, durable, and long lasting wood. Maples that are red or silver are the most likely to provide this type of wood, which isn’t quite the same sturdiness as hard maple. Hard maple doesn’t stain as easily as soft maple. With dark streaks that can range from light cream to pale brown, soft maple also looks great.