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Condo near Tanah Merah MRT Guide

Looking for a condo near Tanah Merah MRT station? Then look no further as I list off the some of the best condos available right now. I will talk about a specific condo from each condominium building. From expensive to cheap, I got you covered.

Top 4 Condo Near Tanah Merah MRT

The Glades

Do you have a big wallet? You probably do if you want a condo near one of the most popular stations in Singapore. The units around here are definitely on the higher end of the price scale. This first option is the priciest condo on the list but the one with the most to offer. At the high price of S$ 2,180,000, this 4 bedroom at the Glades is a treat.

You will have to only walk 3 minutes to get to the Tanah Merah station. There is a bathroom for each bedroom and it has a spacious 1507 square feet. This condo is located on a middle floor of this beautiful 2017 building. With this price tag the condo of course comes with many key features such as, air-conditioning, a balcony with a scenic view, water heater, intercom, and this one is a nice corner unit.

Facilities at the Glades include many pools, waterfalls, gyms, spas, playground, shops, outdoor fitness station, tennis court, gardens, and terraces to enjoy. This building also has a nice park, a lift lobby, basement car parking, and 24 hours security. This is a dream condo with its beautiful and spacious layout. This may be the highest price condo for the Glades, but a condo there can also go for as low as S$700,000.

Urban Vista

The second one on this list will be the most affordable condo near Tanah Merah MRT. It was between East Village and Urban Vista, but I decided with the closer one. Let us look at some cheap condos from Urban Vista. The cheapest condo goes for S$645,000 and has 441 square feet. It is only 1 minute longer of a walk then the previous condo listed.

This condo is great for a single person or couple with its 1 bedroom and 1 bath. You can experience the great local eateries and supermarket. It has all your amenities as well like air-conditioning, water heater, intercom, and a balcony. This smaller place even has a walk-in-wardrobe.

Some of the facilities in Urban Vista include pools, gardens, aqua gym, outdoor fitness station, and a tennis court. Urban Vista was completed in 2016, compromising of 582 units, and has many different condos to choose from. The sale price range for condos here is S$600,000 to S$1,480,000.


After seeing the priciest condo and the cheapest condo, let us look at an average condo near Tanah Merah MRT. This specific one is from Eco and is priced at S$810,000. With 614 square feet, this place holds one bedroom and one bathroom. This building is also fairly new too, by being made in 2017. This building has an 11 minute walk to the station.

Key features showed are air-conditioning, city view, dryer, high floor, oven, walk-in-wardrobe, water heater, balcony, fridge, intercom, and a washing machine. Each listing may list different features and sometimes they will not list them all. It is nice when a listing displays more like this one.

In the end, it is always best to call and ask for the full details. Facilities in the eco include pools, gardens, tennis court, decks, and terraces. Just like the other buildings here, it is close to shopping areas, parks, and more. The price range for condos in eco is roughly S$750,000 to S$1,850,000.

Bedok Court

Here is the biggest and most spacious condo on the list at total of 2411 square feet with a price of S$1,988,000. This condo near Tanah Merah MRT has a 10 minute walking distance. You will enjoy 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with air-conditioning, water heater, and a balcony with greenery view. This specific unit is also a corner unit.

This condo has been renovated so that does up the price. This place has been renovated because the building was completed back in 1985. Comparing it to the first listing, it is a bit cheaper and yet more spacious. There are fewer rooms, but the rooms are bigger.

The facilities for this building include, covered car park, clubhouse, playground, putting green, 24 hour security, pools, squash courts, and tennis courts. The same usual amenities also apply. This was a higher end example of a condo for Bedok Court. The sale price for the condos here range from S$980,000 to S$2,100,000.

In Conclusion

It really comes down to how big of a place you want and how much you are willing to spend on the unit. The newer the building will also affect the price. Remember, there is also negotiating room for the price on most living places, even the ones listed here. Always compare similar listings and check out the pricing insights.

Some condos are furnished or partially furnished, so that is something to look into when choosing. Other factors, like what the faculties are, may also sway your choice. There are many condos around this popular station and there is a new listing out every day. I encourage you to visit many different condos and find the right one for you.