Space saving designs for your cabinet contractor

I like all of the things. Seriously! All of them. So for me, it’s crucial to put together a concept board to help sort through everything. That way it guides and shapes the design. For our new house, I’m leaning towards a different vibe than what we had going on in our last space. A more natural, masculine feel. A lot of dark greens and blacks will be accented throughout the house. Paired with bright white to keep it feeling fresh and modern. Maybe some blues?

The goal is for the house to feel like an extension of nature. So I’m aiming for a lot of natural textures and warm woods. And all of the windows I can get. As in, no upper cabinets in the kitchen so my kitchen cabinet contractor can cram in more windows. I’ll sacrifice the extra storage for that sweet, sweet natural light. Plus we will have open shelving.

So here is my concept board in all it’s glory! I think I’m digging where it’s headed.